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Osama lives in our hearts. May 9, 2011

Long back US created an iconic and legendary artist – Osama Bin Laden. US obnoxiously invested so much in this personified identity, and forgot to evaluate the outcome of the scenario if this dignified fanatic becomes barmy and nuts and gets out of there hand. But considering the providence, this happened. His debut appearance was during the Russian invasion where he pinned them down and forced them to exit. Soon he started his own brigade and then later on, was betrayed by the Saudi’s. This Wahabi mujahid not only dumped and ditched US on the “prom night” but also showed them appropriate fingers are the right times. Like the 9/11 incident which is claimed to be his magnum opus act, but it didn’t seem like he was skilled enough to plot it. But lets not get into it.

His counterpart is Barrack Obama whose government is a complete failure and flop on the big screen. His inept and ineffectual administration is fooling his own citizens again just like Bush did with the help of Osama’s video clip. Unlike Bush, Obama came up with photo shopped pictures of Osama’s dead body. Just before the election he played his cards right on time. According to US media reports this operation was executed on 1st May and is claimed to be done without the knowledge of Pakistan Army or ISI. US Navy Seals were affianced in this operation and they invaded the terrain where Osama was hiding. They engaged, wedged him and left. Later they shot him in the head and dumped the corpse in the sea just like nuclear toxic waste, who knows he may come back as Davey Jones. Two choppers were used in this operation. One of the pilots could handle the charisma of Osama that he crashed his brand new helicopter into the compound.

Apart from this sequel, keeping the tale aside that either he was inPakistanor not but points to ponder are, How can some one just hop into your terrain, operate and leave. Pakistan Army and ISI have sacrificed the sovereignty of the state. It would be a cardinal sin to assume that this incident wasn’t in their knowledge; they might have fully or partially supported it. If this blunder was not in there awareness then this is more thought provoking and insulting. Pakistani forces and ISI are world’s best and still such lame stuff. There is definitely more to this story which we will never be told.

Finally after numerous deaths this character has been put to rest. The whole serial wasn’t directed well at all, they left many loop holes in it. It seemed that the janitors of this drama were in some sort of hurry in which they overlooked to fill in the minor spots. But let’s look at the post match effects of this event, who would be benefited and who may face the music.

  1. US can convince others and pressurize for more operations inPakistankeeping this event as a base and declaring it as Terrorist state.
  2. Obama and his forces can leaveAfghanistanby claiming that they have killed the leader. It is an easy way out.
  3. Afghani Taliban’s can now turn towardsPakistanand take out the revenge.
  4. Obama’s popularity graph has risen once again, he is ready again for the next election, and he has won the confidence again.
  5. Dollar would become stable in the market.
  6. US can now easily justify their drone attacks.
  7. Pakistani Forces can now demand to stop these drones.
  8. Indian andAfghanistanhave a good opportunity to start the blame game once again.
  9. Pakistanwould know who their real friends are in this time of need.
  10. The performance of ISI must be questioned hardly after this event.
  11. Pakistan Army should come up with a good excuse rather then showing their incompetence as they would be questioned by the media.
  12. US should be harshly asked by the global media to present any foolproof evidence of the killing and then dumping in the sea.

Apart from these few outcomes there are many more. Osama has left with many questions unanswered. This man made character has been appearing many times on screen but with the same role and his legacy might end here, or who knows many others would be inspired by his skills and idealize him. If these questions and comments are left unanswered, Obama will live in our hearts forever.

Cat has nine lives but Osama had more. Benazir Bhutto predicted in 2007-8 that Osama is dead long before, but soon after this news she was also assassinated. Several times more US have claimed to kill him in drones. But somehow he just came back from the dead. Finally America has decided to leave him. Suggestions would be, that US should hire some intelligent directors and writers for the sake of themselves. Just for the information, Osama had four wives only and roughly around 24 children more or less as sources report. Osama also has wished, as you can evidently see it from his Will which came out just recently. He wants none of his children to join Al-Qaeda, may be he wants other children to join, be trained and bombard themselves. He wants her widows to not marry further, strange but that’s what his will says. Her daughter has also confirmed that “yes daddy is dead”, sources US media.


Taylor Bunged Pakistan’s Progress……Kiwis Mortified Green Shirts March 10, 2011

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

Pool (A) Match 24:

Pakistan Vs Newzealand:

Pallekelle (08/03/2011):

How to approach this politely? Ian Chappell was pretty polite. “If his batting was as good as Don Bradman’s,” he said on air, “he couldn’t score enough runs to make up for what he costs them with his keeping.

Afridi boys finally found themselves in hot water against a less but proficient opponents, having decided to bat first the kiwis lost McCullum early whose stumps was dislodged by mighty Rawalpindi Express, Jamie how batted for some time ,tried to settle his nerves, but he was unable to find rhythm  after 29 balls he was ruled out lbw to a good delivery off Umar Gul. The biggest climax of the match occurred in 14th over of Shoaib, when he delivers a wicket taking delivery to Taylor, Shoaib has Ross pushing at a one that held its line, and the healthy edge goes ever so slowly to Kamran who is in good position to take it, gets gloves on it, and clangs it, Shoaib can’t do anything about it, he looks hysterical, Taylor and Guptill added some 50 odds for the third wicket, Martin Guptill contributed 57 to scorecard providing Newzealand a solid pedestal. Some little but consolidated contributions from Styris 29 and Nathan McCullum 19 helped Newzealand’s cause and raises its total to 210/6 in 46 overs. This is the time when every one had expected Newzealand to post a maximum of 250 total at this venue but fortune favors the brave, that’s what assisted Ross Taylor with his outstanding blows he had dispatched the bowlers particularly Razzaq and Akhtar in all corners of the ground ,it was worth watching, a total controlled colossal hitting with all hits going way behind the boundary ,biggest six of the tournament was also hit by Taylor ,Jacob Oram also chipped in with 3 sixes adding 25 to his name ,Newzealand ended their innings at 302/7 in 50 overs ,Pakistani bowlers conceded 92 runs in last fours overs which became a world record of giving maximum runs in last 4 overs of the innings by any team in an ODI.Umar Gul was the pick of the bowlers with 3/32 in his complete 10 overs. Pakistan have to chase their highest ever total to win a world cup match ,the openers from which many have expected to perform well in WC 11’ haven’t come up to expectations yet & they have revived their same performance ,Pakistan started her innings in a clumsy manner ,at one stage they were 23/4 in just 8 overs .Misbah and Umar Akmal tried to stabilize the innings ,their efforts ended in vain ,some smart hits from Afridi showed Pakistan might change the scenario through skipper’s Century but he hesitated to stay on the wicket ,Newzealand lost vettori early in Pakistan innings but Pakistan didn’t materialize this tragedy ,Razzaq was the only 50 plus scorer ,he contributed 62 while Umar Akmal 38 and Umar Gul 34* were the other dominant scorers. Newzealand winded up the proceedings in 42th over ,Pakistan ended up with 192 all out ,Tim southee with 3/25 in 8 overs was the pick of the bowlers while Ross Taylor was acknowledged Man of the Match Award for his Match-Winning innings of 131 with 7 sixes and 8 fours. Pakistan had again paid for Kamran Akmal’s blunder.


Classified Vulgarity March 5, 2011

Cinemas are among one of the few entertainments we are left with. One of the major ways of enjoyment for our younger generation is watching movies with friends and families. Since the passage of time the Pakistani Cinema started to diminish its role nation wide and so the blank spaces and holes left behind were filled with Bollywood and Hollywood. Their movies are widely popular over here and since our industry isn’t providing the breakthrough its fair enough to have some thing for the people. Watching Bollywood or Hollywood movies is not the agenda of the topic today. Atrium cinemas these days are very much in news; they have created a state of the art structure. They have a 3D Cinema and two normal Cinemas. Open seven days a week for all without any family restrictions, but even then audience over there is pretty educated then other local cinemas. Recently the famous “Black Swan” was released in Pakistan and its premier show was on 18th. Fortunately or Unfortunately I attended that premier with a friend, why I will describe later. Previously I had heard enough about the movie, as a matter of fact up till now the movie has been nominated for 166 times for different categories and different award academies including Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA. It has also won 48 awards till yet.

Here goes the issue; the movie is entitled as Drama, Thriller and Mystery, neglecting the fact that it has many bold, vulgar and sexual scenes. “Adult only” was the caption written on the ticket counter. People expected the movie to be adult in way of language, violence or horror. But am sure most of them didn’t expected what they were about to see. They movie had countless extra bold and vulgar scenes in the movie reaching to an extent am not able to define in words. Families and couples were forced to leave the show in the mid of the movie. It was shameless and pathetic piece of act. If someone is watching it in a home it’s a personal thing but how can it be telecasted to a group of audience of around 3 4 hundred. How dare the censor board have passed it for screening? Censor board has to be questioned for it; they have to answer the criteria at which they have judged this movie. Atrium Cinemas should also maintain some moral and ethical values. We aren’t fully immune to this culture and we don’t have to. This activities had to be stopped right here or else its going to spread like a virus. And no literate person should compare this act with the so called enlighten modernization or open mindedness. There is a very visible line between vulgarity and enlightenment. Censor board and Atrium cinema both should be held responsible and should be questioned for such act.



ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

Pool (A) Match 10:

Pakistan Vs Srilanka:

Hambantota 26/02/2011:

The 1992 Champions & Winner of the 2009 T-20 World cup Pakistan, the green-shirts have to survive in an imperative encounter against Srilanka the host & the hot favorites of this World cup, Srilankan side have rested Mendis & Malinga for this game while Pakistani’s done the same thing with fate of Wahab Riaz the upcoming All-rounder & Saeed Ajmal, After winning the toss Skipper Shahid Khan Afridi have decided to go first, Shehzad & Hafeez started their innings but Shehzad departed early ,when score was 28 ,Hafeez was joined by Kamran Akmal who appeared unwavering in playing a Match-winning knock for his side. When Score reached 79 Hafeez was dismissed on 32 after hitting 4 fours & a massive Six, through a dithering run out, when both batsman’s moved to one end of the wicket, Akmal played a fine innings of 39 but the Foundation was laid by 2 most senior batsmans Younis Khan & Vice Captain Misbah ul Haq they batted together & boosted Pakistan’s total by providing a century stand for the 4th Wicket. Misbah with 6 boundaries remained unbeaten for 83 while Younis scored 72; Afridi chipped in with 16 Pakistan ended their innings for 277/7. Tharanga & Dilshan provided Lanka a very good start for the first wicket as they added 76 runs, when Hafeez picked Tharanga for 33, Sangakkara joined Dilshan but at this stage a brilliant spell was bowled by Shoaib Akhtar getting rid of Jayawardena off a splendid delivery that comes in & got his middle stump away, while Afridi on the other hand grab 2 wickets quickly terrifying Srilanka in deep & further  trouble, Chamara Silva hook to one end but his half century wasn’t proved  enough to lift the run rate ,some late contributions in the innings by Mathews & Kulasekara disturbed the bowlers but in the end Pakistan was able to win the game by 11 runs ,Shahid Afridi was the pick of the bowlers with 4/34 in 10 overs & was acknowledged the Man of the Match award.



ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

Pool (A) Match 17:

Pakistan Vs Canada

Colombo 03/03/2011:

When you are steaming through your way & you are stuck in some weird situation, in an odd game against lesser opponents, what you call it?? Lesser Side Played Well, our team didn’t work out on the plan or simply it was not your day? Same happened with fate of Pakistan today in an exciting game of cricket, who was going through some terrific World cup match results but suddenly Canadian attack surprised their batting line-up & only 2 little cameo’s were the only  prominent figures of Scorecard ,After winning the toss ,Afridi decided to bat first on a good wicket .Chouhan ,Osinde ,Gordon  & Rizwan Cheema bowled upright spells & limited Pakistani batting Card  under 4 runs per over when Kamran Akmal departed ,a ghastly total of 67 was on the board with 4 batsman’s back in the hut. At this stage Misbah Ul Haq the leading run scorer for Pakistan in WC 11’ alongside with Umar Akmal hang about for some time in the crease which was adequate for Umar Akmal to open his arms & hit the first six of the match, this 73 run partnership has stabilizes the innings with a little pinch hitting from skipper Afridi as expected was the only glamour exhibited in batting by Pakistan today.  Pakistan has to preserve a modest 184 run total, Canada started things very inaudibly .In the 4th Over on Umar Gul’s delivery after a laud appeal for LBW, after Harper has turned the decision down Pakistan was compelled to take their first UDRS & the decision goes in Pakistan’s favor, same happened when afridi’s ball hit baqai on middle stump, it looks plumb but turned down again by Harper once again UDRS assisted in turning it Pakistan’s way. In 15th over when Canada was 44/3 it sound as if Pakistan will windup the proceedings but Surkari & Hansra added a fifty joint venture to their tally. When Canada reached 96/3 in 31 overs, Pressure started to built on Pakistani fieldsman & bowlers, a big six was hit by Surkari when he came down the track to Hafeez over the head of Deep Long off, finally the breakthrough the most awaited one for Pakistan’s Point of view was provided by Saeed Ajmal of a superb delivery pitched on the middle & leg, again the UDRS was exploited by Pakistan as originally Umpire favors the batsman. Surkari was ruled out lbw by Ajmal for 27 was the game’s turning point ,Afridi brought himself back into the attach & this was the time Pakistani’s are praying for he bowled a superb second spell  in which he delivered 4 overs for just 9 runs & grabbed 4 important wickets ,a chance of Hat-trick was also created but he didn’t cope with it ,Pakistan restricted the Canadians to 138 runs ,some slangs  were also exchanged between Umar Gul ,Ahmed Shahzad & balaji Rao late in the innings which were a part of the game ,a spectacular effort put up by Canada & certainly its an indication for Pakistan to learn from their mistakes ,they have 3 games to conduct experiments before it will be a Do or Die situation arises in quarter Final. Afridi with 5/23 was the pick of the bowlers & rightly so, was acknowledged with Man of the Match award.


In the Name of Islam January 24, 2011

With the passage of time we as nation are pushing ourselves towards dark ages that is absurd. We have opted for the “highway to hell” and running madly to reach there. Quiad-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah once said that Pakistan would face fatal disaster if falls in hands of the religious conservatives. What we are witnessing these days is mere trailer and promo of the forthcoming film; unfortunately this is being done in the name of Islam. The assassination of the Governor Punjab – Salman Taseer can lead to a series of killings if it is not stopped and condemned at this point.

Three aspects can be taken into consideration:
1. First could this murder bear political implications while making religion a pretext.
2. Second did governor really was responsible for blasphemy.
3. Third and most important, what is the punishment of blasphemy in Islam?

First: Analysts claiming it to be a political killing could have been right however covering this murder up with religious coatings might give it a different perspective. That lead us to think about old and simple“Divide and Rule”. Engage ourselves busy in non issues and not letting us to unleash our potentials. Flip of the coin side.

Secondly: Did Mr. Taseer really say or act against the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)? It is widely known that opposing any law and committing blasphemy are two different things. These both issues can be easily distinguished. I endorse that Mr. Taseer had condemned blasphemy law in constitution that appears unjust towards the minorities; however i could not buy the fact that if any of his statements proved him blasphemer? For an instance let’s consider he had committed blasphemy, so what could have been the penalties for him or any blasphemer. Should he be sentenced to death or imprisoned?

The literal meaning of Islam is “Peace”. It is completely based on logic. If we are unable to understand any of the concepts in Islam, that is our immaturity to grab that point, but the religion has a logical explanation to every problem. it does not appeal to logic that how peace can be equal to violence.

Pakistani society is once again divided into two systems clearly, first who support murder of Mr. Taseer are Ashiqan-e-Rasool (Lovers of Holy Prophet P.B.U.H) and second who do not support murder are apparently not Ashiqan-e-Rasool (Lovers of Holy Prophet P.B.U.H).

To prove ourselves true followers of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H); do we need to follow his footsteps or kill someone to prove love for him. Many religious scholars are quoting references that killing blasphemer is final punishment in Islam. Similarly there are also scholars who deny that there is not such punishment mentioned in Islam.

Logically if a person has committed blasphemy there remain two options: kill him i.e. punishing him or literate him i.e. by making him/her understand what true soul of Islam is. If he/she is killed one generation and a community in finished. But true practicing Muslim in an effort to literate him/her can inspire blasphemer and Islamic teachings might help in getting the wisdom Islam has. There is a possibility that upcoming whole generation of blasphemer would follow the right path of Islam. The ages of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) proved the fact.

He and his companions converted many non-Muslim generations just by there characters not by violence. He also had the option to use the hard way but he never did it. Shouldn’t we be his followers?

Islam also indicates very clearly that the final decision should be of the Hakim-e-Waqt (Ruler), referring to the current judiciary. My whole point revolves around one fact that not any Tom , Dick and harry is not allowed to punish proclaimed blasphemer in society. This topic is so sensitive that people start getting emotional with out thinking. Our religious cult and supremacy should handle it with care. Today a murderer is made an iconic figure. Tomorrow more are going to follow it. Killing in the name of Islamwould not make our image better it will damage us as Pakistani Muslims. It would lead us to – Highway to Hell.


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