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Classified Vulgarity March 5, 2011

Cinemas are among one of the few entertainments we are left with. One of the major ways of enjoyment for our younger generation is watching movies with friends and families. Since the passage of time the Pakistani Cinema started to diminish its role nation wide and so the blank spaces and holes left behind were filled with Bollywood and Hollywood. Their movies are widely popular over here and since our industry isn’t providing the breakthrough its fair enough to have some thing for the people. Watching Bollywood or Hollywood movies is not the agenda of the topic today. Atrium cinemas these days are very much in news; they have created a state of the art structure. They have a 3D Cinema and two normal Cinemas. Open seven days a week for all without any family restrictions, but even then audience over there is pretty educated then other local cinemas. Recently the famous “Black Swan” was released in Pakistan and its premier show was on 18th. Fortunately or Unfortunately I attended that premier with a friend, why I will describe later. Previously I had heard enough about the movie, as a matter of fact up till now the movie has been nominated for 166 times for different categories and different award academies including Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA. It has also won 48 awards till yet.

Here goes the issue; the movie is entitled as Drama, Thriller and Mystery, neglecting the fact that it has many bold, vulgar and sexual scenes. “Adult only” was the caption written on the ticket counter. People expected the movie to be adult in way of language, violence or horror. But am sure most of them didn’t expected what they were about to see. They movie had countless extra bold and vulgar scenes in the movie reaching to an extent am not able to define in words. Families and couples were forced to leave the show in the mid of the movie. It was shameless and pathetic piece of act. If someone is watching it in a home it’s a personal thing but how can it be telecasted to a group of audience of around 3 4 hundred. How dare the censor board have passed it for screening? Censor board has to be questioned for it; they have to answer the criteria at which they have judged this movie. Atrium Cinemas should also maintain some moral and ethical values. We aren’t fully immune to this culture and we don’t have to. This activities had to be stopped right here or else its going to spread like a virus. And no literate person should compare this act with the so called enlighten modernization or open mindedness. There is a very visible line between vulgarity and enlightenment. Censor board and Atrium cinema both should be held responsible and should be questioned for such act.


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