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Muslims – the last contender in the Nobel Prize Marathon. January 24, 2011

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It all began on the will of a Swedish Chemist Alfred Nobel in 1895. Nobel prizes are awarded in outstanding and breakthrough efforts, achievements and contributions in the field of Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace and Medicine. These mementos are awarded by Royal Swedish Academy of Science, The Swedish Academy, Karolinska Institute and Norwegian Nobel Committee.

The irony of the Nobel Prize is; the founder this concept was also the inventor of Dynamite and was also awarded with Nobel Peace Prize. But lets not get into it, that’s not the agenda of my article here today.

Recently the Nobel Prize ceremony was celebrated and the Nobel Peace Prize was given to Liu Xiaobo of China for his decades long struggle in promoting democratic change in China. Similarly other personnel’s were also awarded Prizes in their respective fields of Physics, Chemistry, Literature and Medicine. While researching all the details I found out something very interesting. Let’s compare the mental and constructional approach of these laureates. The results were surprising, an eyewash for those who think Nobel Prizes are given on unbiased basis. Nobel prizes are distributed among all ethnicities without discrimination. However the one I opted to talk about was; Jews, because somehow we Muslims have a personal grudge or some passionate-emotional-religious-feelings against them. We are always told not to be friends with them because they are the “bad kids”, don’t hangout with them.

Anyways!!! Up till now 802 Nobel Prizes have been awarded and 22% (i.e. 108) are awarded to the Jew ethnicity. While the Muslim population which is more then 1.5 billion and only 8-9 awards are under Muslim belt. According to stats only one prize was awarded for Physics to Pakistani scientist Dr. Abdus Salam – the first Muslim to receive any Nobel Prize who left the country when Ahmadiyas were declared non-Muslims by the Government of Pakistan. The rest 7-8 are for Peace and Literature. It seems not only to undermine the efforts of Muslim community all over the world but a time for Muslims to open their eyes to work united for growth.

Two approaches here stand in clear juxtaposition; First let’s consider it as a Jewish conspiracy against Muslims and keep cursing them, bombard them, take out rallies and block M.A Jinnah road and burn tires which is pretty easy. Second approach is more competitive and constructive. Do we ever think, Why Muslims are we targeted in the world, what actually is lacking that is not letting them excel in in field. Answer is simple; we have left following the true soul of Islam.

According to Islam Science is the way to progress and these are all laws of nature and human beings are offered to discover the truth of nature. However we instead paying attention to Science and technology start competing in fields like fashion, photography and Modeling. On the other hand Jews have dedicated their life to Science and research in these fields, that’s why they are far ahead. They have given a shape to this existing world and their pace with world is advancing in 21st Century is due to the technology they introduced.

This is undeniable fact that Muslims were the first inventors in all fields but i wonder why didn’t they continued this legacy. It is suggestive to all rich Muslim nations including Arab billionaires to initialize the investment in Science & Technology rather then competing in useless race of making skyhigh building and landscapes with out any logical reason. Being Pakistani we want our government to increase its budget in these spots like Science. It is the only way forward. This is what Islam preaches, explore the universe but somehow this point is kept under the carpet and not delivered to the masses. Education has never made a priority in Pakistan’s political parties manifestos.

Furthermore it is suggestive that from the platform of OIC several scholarships should be started for deserving Muslim students to study in the world’s renowned institutions. And an oath should be taken from them before sending them, that they will serve back their countries rather than just taking up any position in non-Muslim countries. If we have to emerge as an advanced nation (or shall I say Ummah) on the map, we have to take practical steps towards issues that call for our attention. My point is not to collect these Nobel prizes but to excel in all these fields so that we can introduce someday our own brand of Nobel Prizes.


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